Spark plugs

Spark plugs are one of the most important components in vehicles to drive engines with internal combustion. In addition to the main functions to provide reliable ignition engines, spark plugs play a key role in achieving optimal engine performance. This is especially true in the modern engine control systems in which spark plugs and their design are very important.

Enker produce spark plug since 1974 under license of world renowned manufacturer brand of spark plugs, KLG England. In the four decades of existence in cooperation with many international manufacturers in automotive industry, Enker developed its own production sector, perfected a complete spark plugs production technology.

Enker produces spark plugs for all vehicles and engines with internal combustion. Also Enker produces special types of spark plugs intended for aviation and armored military vehicles.

Plasiramo Enker produces spark plugs under two own brand ENKER and BOSNA SUPER production also under other brand-neutral by the requirements of customers.

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